Our Staff

Trusted Janitors & Office Cleaners in Columbia, MD

Classic Cleaning, LLC provides commercial cleaning services to offices and businesses in Howard County and surrounding areas. Our office cleaners in Columbia, MD, use green cleaning products and provide flexible scheduling in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

Professional Cleaners - Columbia, MD

Our Team

All of our janitorial staff is hand-selected and trained in all aspects of the cleaning industry. Each employee goes through a thorough background check prior to employment and is placed in a facility conducive to their talents. All of our staff is certified in workplace and blood pathogen safety as well as green cleaning processes and procedures. All of our staff members wear uniforms for appearance and identification purposes and have full language capacity to communicate effectively with you regarding any urgent issues.

Quality Control

Depending on the size of the facility, we may appoint an on-site supervisor to coordinate employee duties and check the quality of their work on a daily basis. For smaller facilities, a roving crew will inspect the building. Either way, a representative from our company will be responsible for regularly checking on the cleanliness of your office or facility.


We will contact you on a routine basis to ensure that you are pleased with our services. Additionally, we may offer feedback as to what other work could be done to make your facility look its best. With today's technology, we are able to provide stellar communication between both our staff and clients and will be able to address any concern or issue you may have within a prompt time frame. All of our regional supervisors and office personnel are equipped with individual devices on the same operating system that allows for constant communication at all times. This system prevents requests and issues from falling through the cracks.