Cleaning Services

Eco-Friendly Janitorial Services in Columbia, MD

Make an excellent first impression on clients and customers with a clean and orderly office. Classic Cleaning, LLC provides thorough commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Columbia, MD, that will pass even the most scrutinizing test. Hire our staff on a schedule that best fits your company's routine.

Our Locations

Join our many long-term customers who have loyally trusted us to keep their work environments clean. Our clients include:

• Banks
• Small Businesses
• Retail Stores
• Educational Institutions
• Corporate Complexes
• Churches and Religious Centers
• Multi-Tenant Office Buildings
Green Commercial Cleaning - Columbia, MD


After we clean, you will not be able to find dust on any of your surfaces. We also move and reposition furniture to ensure that we thoroughly clean every inch of your floors. Using only environmentally friendly, green cleaning products we provide services that include:

• Refilling Paper Goods
• Refilling Soap
• Sanitizing Telephones
• Cleaning Desk Equipment
• Spot-Cleaning Carpet and Upholstery
• Emptying and Cleaning Wastebaskets
• Cleaning Interior Glass Surfaces and Mirrors
• Cleaning Counters and Shelves
• Cleaning Lights and Light Switches

Flexible Scheduling

Tailor our janitorial services to your facility's needs. Let us know how often you would like cleanings or we can suggest a frequency based on the conditions of your building, its use, and the number of employees. Services can be split between days if you prefer a partial cleaning one day and a full cleaning on another. Unlike other contractors, our eco-friendly cleaners charge only for the completed project, not on square footage, which saves you money. If you need to have a staff member on-site, we can be sure to accommodate that.